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On Getting Started

I often wonder how my life would have gone had one decision or another been made differently. One thing I’ve never thought about before today, though, is what might have happened had I started writing a blog back when all the cool kids were doing it, in, say, 1999, when Friendster was a thing and I grossly overestimated my writing skills. (The more things change…)

Back then, my reasoning for not doing it was pretty sensible – there’s no way I’d keep posting regularly. So when the idea started kicking around my head again earlier this summer, I already knew why I was never going to do it. “On a Friday? I can’t start a blog on a Friday. I’ve got Maxi’s birthday party, and then later the bar opening thing. And Saturday is terrible, too – I should really go to that opera premiere if I ever want to see that hot Australian dancer again. Don’t even get me started on Sunday, with the guys coming over to watch football. Monday, though. That’s a good choice, start of something new.”

Of course, on Monday I’d wake up wondering why in the world I had that last beer and decided to watch the first half of the late game, and wouldn’t be in the condition to write anything at all. So really, today, the internet forced my hand, by making me register a new account somewhere or another to comment on someone else’s blog post.

This is the offending entry – director Joseph Kahn (of questionable Torque fame) starting a flame war against Jim Emerson, about their conflicting views on the Dark Knight:

I’d write more on the subject – but like I said, I’m already late for Maxi’s birthday thing.


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